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This is me.  32 years old, and married.  I went to University in Cambridge at some point in the 1990's and studied Computer Science.  After then I worked on the Science Park in I.T. roles and project planning.  The fair bulk of my experience has ended up as research and documentation more than anything else.  Often I would end up in a kind of specialised P.A. type role reporting back to Management on whatever they wanted information on.  Occassionaly I'd end up with the difficult or troublesome bits of failing projects, and sent off to deal with it.  They just wanted it done asap!  For the most part I work alone and with a wide berth.  That is pretty much the niche that I've ended up in, as over time when working with others we all find out roughly where we fit in.


The key to many things is patience, and I can only comment on this as I never used to have any.  I used to have many spontaneous ideas and lots of curiousity, which didn't actually come to anything substantial as I just couldn't stop and sit still.  Yes I could get things done, but then it would be a mad rush onto the next thing, and the next, and the next.  Quite often I would start projects in a fit of enthusiasm, and would get the most difficult parts completed, and would then just go off and do something else.  The ability was there, but not the actual patience to sit still and think about what I was doing.  It's the immense challenge that I liked.  Most of what you see on this site has only come about as a result of being able to slow down.


Keep it Simple, Stupid.  This is one of my fundamental beliefs.  It is all very well creating something which is innovative and feature-packed, yet it's not so good if it becomes so complicated that no one understands it.  Simple things work!  It's nice to think that we're all incredibly clever and unique, but that's about as far as it goes.  I like simple.